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Egg Harbor yachts can be found all over the world, and their owners are eager to share their adoration for their vessels! There are many groups and affiliations that encompass Egg Harbor Yachts. The Egg Harbor Owners' Association (not directly affiliated with Egg Harbor Yachts) emerged from the desire of a few Egg Harbor yacht owners to build a camaraderie with fellow captains, and what grew from a few became a great many! Every Father's Day, the Association members meet at a specified location with their prized cabin cruisers! With over 50 years of production, it's no surprise that there are many Websites dedicated to these fine pieces of craftsmanship. Enjoy!

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About the EHOA
The Egg Harbor Owner's Association site serves as a foundation for our members to share information and to get in touch with one another. There are currently over 1000 files on their site and this figure will continue to grow. 55,000 hits a week is what the webmaster is reporting for activity. Sign the guestbook! It is always fun to see where all these Eggs call home. The forum gives you an area to post whatever ideas we have. Anything you have to offer will be greatly appreciated. The new Egg Project section will see quite a bit of growth in the near future. Document your efforts and send in some photos to share with the rest. We have some incredible members out there that have boats to be very proud of.

Please Note: The Egg Harbor's Association Website is in no way affiliated with Egg Harbor Yachts, Inc. Although we are very proud to have such an organization that is based around our yachts, we cannot be held responsible for material that is placed on their website or publications.

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