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Score Big: Egg Harbor 42
For the love of the game.

Ener the new Egg Harbor 42 Sport Yacht's salon, remove your sunglasses, glance around for a few seconds, then put your shades back on. No, we're not advocating emulating Joe Cool. It's just that the satin-varnished teak cabinetry, granite galley sole, and black simulated-granite countertops create such a warm glow it's almost as if the sun were beaming inside. The engine room is just as eye opening, with gleaming diamond plating on the sole, valance-covered wiring runs, and engraved placards identifying each through-hull fitting.

Although appearance is clearly a strong suit of the 42 Sport Yacht, it's no the only one. In that gentrified engine room, for example, you'll find a matched pair of crash pumps, which turn your powerplants into massive emergency bilge pumps. There's a freshwater washdown and an oil exchange system, so the area will stay clean and looking good.

The cockpit offers the standards you'd expect from a modern production sportfish boat of this size, but it throws in a few extras, too. The single fishbox in the sole, for example, is large enough to tow misbehaving crewmembers. It's also macerated and has a lift-out liner. There's no insulation on it, however-something I consider a necessity.

Besides the envy-inspiring interior and fishy touches, the most unusual thing about the 42 Sport Yacht is its exhaust system. Instead of piping exhaust out the transom, the boat has an underwater exhaust, which eliminates the station wagon effect, a huge benefit. But there's also a slight vibration evident between 1200 and 1350 rpm, the point at which exhaust stops flowing through bypass valves and starts going out through the bottom of the boat. Boaters sickened by diesel exhaust will love the system; trollers who like to drag lines between 10.4 and 13 mph won't.

Regardless of how you run this boat, however, everyone will love basking in the satiny glow of the 42 Sport Yacht's interior.

-Lenny Rudow

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